Code snippets?

They can be used on T-shirts too
Uniface 10 supports code snippets! Include your own snippets in the Uniface IDE to enhance your life as a developer. Please feel free to use these snippets. They perform best on a T-shirt.​
Share your own snippet?

Do you have a snippet to share? 

Something funny?

Something typical IT or (even better) Uniface related?

Please free to share your snippet with us and we will put them on this page.

A few rules:

  • No insults in any way.

  • Inspired by outside sources is fine, but put your own spin on it.

  • UnividualS reserves the right to refuse or remove contributions.

  • If anyone feels insulted or otherwise has a complaint about a contribution, we will remove it without delay. So the snippet, not the complaint.

  • UnividualS may publish the snippet and use it on its website and other commercial communications.

  • And it’s free of rights of thirds, etc etc etc..

This is really too much text. Sorry!