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There are many options to increase the ROI of existing Uniface applications. Often a lot more is possible then you would expect at first sight. We are happy to tell you. Ask us for advice.

Your infrastructure of operating systems and database versions is constantly changing. Keeping your Uniface environment up-to-date is part of this. An upgrade or migration to a higher Uniface version is an interruption of the normal activities. By engaging an expert in the migration process, you limit the impact and risks to a minimum.

The Uniface development environment is always upward compatible; every application ever developed in Uniface can be migrated to the most recent version of Uniface. Almost always the Uniface IDE offers functionality to migrate to a higher version. 

Nevertheless, it is recommended to involve an expert in the migration process. 

Why hire an expert

You have chosen Uniface as the basis for your business support software and want to keep the risks for your business-critical applications as low as possible . Your administrators and IT professionals ensure the continuity of your daily business. A migration process is a disruption of their operations. By choosing an experienced partner to manage this migration, you limit the risks.

In theory, any Uniface developer can perform the migration to a higher version. However, unexpected problems can occur in practice.  New Uniface versions often contain significant and large changes. Where possible, the Uniface compiler will notify you of changed or expired functionality, but this does not offer 100% certainty. Not every compiler report of changed or expired functionality has a simple solution. In the case of Uniface 10 it is not only a question of new and changed functionality, also the development environment itself has changed and requires a new approach. An expert can give a complete overview based on his experience.

Migration is rarely limited to the Uniface code or the Uniface development environment. Also the deployment or run time environment of the application will often change. From new operating systems and databases to the entire software development line. If desired, we can include the full context in our migration services, but of course you determine the scope of the migration activities you want to outsource.

Our 7 step approach

Our approach is based on years of experience, in which we have migrated dozens (or even hundreds) of applications.

This approach offers stability and yet sufficient flexibility, so that we can migrate your applications as efficiently as possible.

You determine which steps are important to you. For the analysis and the migration, we use tools developed by ourselves. All steps are carefully documented and explained to the client.

Collect information about the application(s), its context and the organisation. This is high-level information. If needed we sign a Non-disclosure agreement here.

We analyse the information collected in the previous step. This step we call the analysis, but it is not as comprohensive as our Analysis service.

In this step, in the existing development environment, the impact of the migration will be determined. However, this step is also essential to prepare the repository for the migration to the new environment.

In this step the repository migration of the Uniface repository is carried out.

In addition to migrating the repository, now is the time to take a critical look at the deployment environment. We are delighted to advise you on this. 

This is an optional step!

At the end of course, it is all about delivering the migrated repository. We deliver the migrated repository so that the organisation can implement it. If desired, we support you in this process.


This is an optional step

After each migration we offer an aftercare period. During this period we give you the opportunity to test and implement the migrated repository, answering questions about the migrated repository. This support and its duration can of course be extended.

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We try to follow it and give our vision on it. Because listening and speaking is so much easier than reading and writing, we decided to make a podcast of it.

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