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On this page you will find the references to all of our thoughts. Written down in blogs and our talks in podcasts. 

Our blogposts

Recently I was busy developing a Uniface application in a microservice architecture and I was wondering how I could process users and systems from different time zones into one application.
Web services are everywhere. Without noticing, you and I use them daily. RESTful services are a special kind of web services. In this article, Peter explains how to convert a normal webservice into a RESTful one.
Web services are everywhere, although we are not usually aware of them. Creating a webservice in Uniface is very easy. This is the most efficient way to do it.
Are you still providing a direct access to the database from the clients? For your own safety, it's better to rethink that decision. Uniface provides features to make your application safe.

Our podcast

Yes! A podcast about Uniface! That was something missing! In this first episode Peter introduces himself and Uniface. Is there anyone who doesn't know what Uniface is? Really?