We are UnividualS

Welcome to UnividualS! We are an IT service provider specializing in Uniface solutions. As an “Entrepreneurs Network Organization,” our team comprises independent experts in the field of Uniface technology.

Our mission is to deliver world-class Uniface services, providing seamless support to organizations across the globe. From singular consulting engagements to comprehensive outsourcing of Uniface applications, we cater to a broad spectrum of Uniface-related needs.

Our unique organization model allows us to gather an extensive pool of Uniface professionals, each a self-employed entrepreneur. This collective not only collaborates to serve our clients better but also supports each other in the provision of their individual services. This structure fosters a dynamic, adaptable, and innovative environment that benefits both our team and our clients.

I love being faced with a new challenge from our customers. Every time I think I can't push Uniface any further, there is an assignment that charts unknown areas...

Furthermore, our collaboration extends beyond our own network. We work hand in hand with partners worldwide, giving us the ability to bring together experts from different disciplines. This breadth of expertise means that our services aren’t limited to Uniface alone, enabling us to provide more comprehensive solutions and better serve our clients.

By entrusting their Uniface needs to us, our clients are enabled to focus on their core business operations, confident in the knowledge that their Uniface applications are managed by dedicated professionals. With our expertise, commitment, and collaborative spirit, we help businesses overcome their Uniface challenges, streamline their processes, and grow sustainably.

As your IT partner, we’re not just providing a service; we’re investing in your success. Your growth and productivity are our top priority.

Thank you for considering our Entrepreneurs Network Organization for your Uniface needs. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you and delivering solutions that exceed your expectations.

Why choose UnividualS?

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Worldwide services delivery
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We prefer partnerships not just transactions
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We are nice guys, professionals not sales

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A few of the services we offer our clients

Fix the basics

We provide specialized services to refine the core of your Uniface applications. Without altering the existing functionality, our expert interventions enhance the coding, offer valuable insights, and modernize your system. Our goal is to optimize efficiency and streamline operations, ensuring your Uniface applications are always performing at their best.
Increase the maintainability and reduce the cost of software by improving structure
Increase the maintainability and reduce the cost of software by improving structure
Get an extensive analysis of your Uniface application
Get an extensive analysis of your Uniface application
Put the migration of your Uniface applications in the hands of our professionals
Put the migration of your Uniface applications in the hands of our professionals

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We are constantly searching for new colleagues. Around the globe.

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