We are UnividualS

We are UnividualS. We are the Uniface experts. We are more than just an organisation, we are a coöperative network of associated IT professionals. We support our clients with their applications written in Uniface, but we also support our professionals to deliver their services.


We have a strong focus on low-code software solutions in general and Uniface specific. We help our customers with their Uniface applications. These services range from migration (to the newest Uniface version) to building new applications in Uniface.

We don’t stop at the bounderies of Uniface. We also support every OS and DBMS that is supported by Uniface.

I love being faced with a new challenge from our customers. Every time I think I can't push Uniface any further, there is an assignment that charts unknown areas...

Peter Lammersma

Professionals support
We serve both, professionals and clients. In addition to our IT related services, delivered by our professionals, we offer medation professionals and their clients.

We make the involvement of professionals as transparent as possible.

UnividualS in numbers


Uniface professionals

Although we don’t believe in numbers, we are proud to have quite a number of Uniface professionals to trust in UnividualS.

Together we are one of the largest Uniface professional services provider in the world. Especially when you count the worldwide partnerships (not in this number though).

Our unique organisation delivers solutions and support to our clients worldwide.


Years of Uniface knowledge *

Adding up all the years of Uniface experience… and still counting every year. With our number of professionals we can add a year per month to this number.

This number says why we are a trusted partner of Uniface. This number also days why so many organisations trust (and sometimes even rely on) us with their business critical applications.

We can’t even calculate the total lines of code we produced all these years. There is one thing for sure, if it wasn’t for low-code it would be ten times more.


* And still counting



Although we are located in The Netherlands, our services don’t stop at the bounderies of any country. We deliver our services worldwide.

The countries in which we helped clients with their Uniface applications: The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Spain, USA, Brasil, Israel, Australia and Switzerland

Why choose UnividualS?

Certified Uniface specialists
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Worldwide services delivery
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We prefer partnerships not just transactions
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Passioned about
We wear T-shirts,
not suits
We are nice guys, professionals not sales

This is who we are

A few of the guy. The rest did not have a decent photo… Really! But trust me, we are working on it…

Foto van Atze Miedema


22 years of experience

Profile photo Gregor Booi


12 years of experience

Profile photo Luc Kanis


24 years of experience

Profile picture Erik Spaltman


29 years of experience

Profile picture Paul Koldijk


25 years of experience

Profile photo Peter Lammersma


24 years of experience

What we say on Twitter

Sometime even the smallest and obvious #uniface tips and tricks turn out not to be so obvious after all. This one for instance.


To me, projects in #Uniface serve two purposes. That is, (1) to separate functionality within a repository and (2) to obtain overview over the objects required for a certain amount of work to be done.


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