Maybe you remember that I launched the open Uniface initiative a? couple of years ago. A few hardcore passionate Uniface professionals from around the world partitioned.

Unfortunately, the energy of that initiative faded away, since we all were busy with our clients. Last year, on the Uniface Universe webinar, I told about team development. To be more precise, I talked about how in the 90s I worked compulsively in an office on monolithic applications, while now we work from home on applications with microservice architecture.

That made me think. Microservices and working in a sandbox environment. Is that the spark we need to talk about open source again? I mean, if we use GIT to sync our work with colleagues, than why not work on mutual projects with an open source nature?

Not sure, I have lowered my expectations and started with a first contribution to my own project. Now you are? reading this and maybe…. I know, I keep dreaming. 🙂

My first open source project is a library with a JWT library in it. You can check it out on this page.

The other project is a naming convention. Since I believe we need some rules and agreements on the naming of objects in open source projects. This project can be found here.

Both projects are in a first version phase. They offer a starting point. It is an invitation to participate.

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