The year 2021 has just begun or there is big news. Uniface has been bought by Rocket Software!

Uniface had been an independent company for several years. Independence provides flexibility, but as you know I’m all about cooperation and joint ventures. A product like Uniface can benefit greatly from being part of the product portfolio of a larger organization.

I don’t know Rocket Software, but a glance at their website makes me feel positive. Besides a wide range of products, I like their core values: Empathy, Humanity, Trust, and Love.

Personally, I find the IT world, of which Uniface has been a part for several decades, often too rational. Software development is so much more than just rational. But, apart from software development, above all the choice for a development platform like Uniface is much more driven by feeling than by reason.

I expect Rocket Software to have a favorable impact on the continuity of Uniface and therefore on the entire Uniface ecosystem.