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There are many options to increase the ROI of existing Uniface applications. Often a lot more is possible than you would expect at first sight. Ask us for advice. We are happy to tell you.

We are UnividualS
We are the Uniface experts.

We support our clients with their applications written in Uniface or want to start using Uniface.

Special Services

Uniface on Docker

Helping you to get the best out of Uniface and Docker

Support Service

Ensure yourself of the best support

What is Uniface.

Uniface is a leading provider of model-driven, low-code application development and deployment software.

Low-coding means working faster. So there's more time for building the cool stuff. Or focus on your business.

Uniface backgrounds

Are you still providing a direct access to the database from the clients? For your own safety, it's better to rethink that decision. Uniface provides features to make your application safe.

A few of our customers


We are certified
Uniface partner

UnividualS Application Management is certified businesspartner and reseller of Uniface.

Our professionals all have more years of experience with Uniface’s development platform and tools. We have been using our knowledge for clients in and outside the Netherlands for years.
The certified partnership of Uniface confirms our knowledge and experience with their products.
As a business partner of Uniface, we have access to an extensive network of valuable resources and direct contacts within the organization and the community.

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